What do I need to do before my initial consultation?

  • Arrive five minutes early to fill out a new patient form.  Click here if you would prefer to fill out the new patient form online before you come in.
  • Bring any imaging results that you may have along with any referral documents if applicable.
  • Bring your private health card along if you have extras cover so that we can swipe it on the spot and you will then just need to pay the gap.
  • Drink lots of water before and after your treatment.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing.  If you are uncomfortable removing clothing, just let the practitioner know as we are capable of treating patients who are fully clothed, if necessary.  Where patients are comfortable, however, we generally get better treatment outcomes when some clothing is removed so that practitioners can apply optimal pressure to the affected region.

What will happen during your initial consultation?

Massage Towels
  • Your practitioner will take a history focussing on the region of your current problem and, where applicable, on adjacent regions.  Be sure to tell your practitioner if you are pregnant or if you are taking any medications of which you think they should be aware.
  • Clinical assessment will be undertaken in the form of physical assessment and range of motion exercises, where appropriate, to assess tissues' mobility and strength in the area of dysfunction and pain.  
  • Your practitioner will then spend most of your appointment time working on the areas of dysfunction and pain to improve muscle movement, to decrease trigger points and muscle hypertonicity to keep you as active and pain-free as possible.  
  • As well as the hands-on soft tissue therapy techniques, your practitioner may choose to use kinesiology taping techniques, rigid taping techniques or myofascial dry-needling.
  • Where appropriate, the practitioner will reassess to ensure that the techniques that have been applied have been effective and are creating positive responses.  
  • If applicable, you will be given some stretches and/or exercises to do at home to assist with rehab and/or prevention of symptoms reoccurring.
  • In many cases, you will leave with a Management Plan, an Exercise Resource Sheet and a clear idea of the likely prognosis.  

What happens after my initial appointment?

  • Usually, your practitioner will give you a follow up call a few days after your treatment to see how you're going and answer any questions that you may have about the treatment.
  • It is likely that you will need a review appointment which is usually 30 or 45 minutes duration.
  • You are welcome to give us a call to speak to your practitioner at any time.  If they are unable to take the call at the time, they will call you back at their earliest convenience.  
  • We are constantly trying to improve our treatment outcomes and patient experience so we highly value feedback... good, bad or anything in between!.  We very much appreciate a call or an email if you'd like to pass any feedback on.

Throughout your initial consultation and beyond, your Soft Tissue Therapist will be focussed on helping you achieve an active and pain-free life so that you can enjoy the activities that you love!