Podiatry is the health care profession concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and management of disorders of the foot and ankle.

Our feet really are quite a remarkable part of the body!  The components of our feet work together, sharing the tremendous pressures of daily living.  As such, our feet are more prone to injury than any other part of your body and foot ailments are among the most common of our health problems.  

There are many causes of foot pain.  Although some foot problems are hereditary, congenital or systemic, many are due to overuse.  Sadly, many people seem to avoid seeking treatment for their foot problems, opting to "soldier on" instead, which can exacerbate their problems in the future.

Our Podiatrists are passionate about foot health and strive to keep their athletes and patients active and pain-free.

Problems that we can help with:

No matter what foot problem you are experiencing, our Podiatrists can help!


No referral required, but if you do have a referral, care plan or medical report from your GP or other health provider, please bring it along with you.

Treatments may be covered by private health extras, WorkCover, Veterans’ Affairs & Medicare Allied Health Initiative (CDM/EPC).