Shoulder tendinopathy is an inflammation injury to the shoulder's rotator cuff.  The most common cause of shoulder tendinopathy is repeated micro-trauma to the rotator cuff tendons, rather than a specific one-off trauma.

Symptoms you may be experiencing:

  • long term shoulder pain and weakness, particularly when lifting your arm above your head or to shoulder height, often experienced when brushing hair or getting dressed;
  • dull ache in shoulder and upper arm;
  • pain at night, especially when lying on injured side;
  • pain when attempting to reach behind your back (ie doing up a zip);
  • shoulder stiffness, with some loss of motion;
  • "clicking" sound when moving your hand behind your back or your head.

Initial care - things to try at home:

  • avoid painful movements and stretching through the front of the shoulder.

Our approach to solving your problem:

  1. We use soft tissue techniques to loosen the muscles that are tight and putting pressure on the area through the rotator cuff, the front of the shoulder and around the back of the shoulder blade.
  2. Kinesiology tape is often used to improve shoulder posture.
  3. You will be provided with some exercises and stretches to strengthen the shoulder muscles.

We will then create a management plan specific to you to help you to:

  1. help settle the pain;
  2. strengthen the area;
  3. address the causative factors;
  4. get you back to the activities that you enjoy!

If you would like one of our Soft Tissue Therapists to assist with your recovery from a shoulder tendinopathy, give us a call on 9894 2463 or book online to make an appointment.