Some of the common muscle strains that we see at NSTT are hamstring, quadricep, rotator cuff, pec major, hip flexor, groin and calf.  These strains usually involve a painful incident during running or some type of dynamic movement where unexpected pain is felt in the muscle and the pain persists if you try to keep exercising.

Symptoms you may be experiencing:

  • sudden sharp pain to the area
  • inability to walk/function without pain
  • swelling, bruising or redness to the area in some cases
  • pain on stretch and contraction of the muscle
  • area is tender and painful to touch
  • pain at rest

Initial care - things to try at home:

  • ceasing activity that inflicts pain, although walking can be ok with mild strains (crutches are often advisable for calf strains)
  • apply ice to the area using a wet cloth in between your skin and the ice to protect the skin;
  • use a compression bandage
  • elevate whenever possible

Our approach to solving your problem:

  1. In early phases of recovery, myofascial dry-needling and kinesio taping to the surrounding muscles can help to keep the area loose but in this phase our main concern is preventing further damage.  Early treatment, however, can be very effective in speeding up recovery and getting you back to sport quickly.
  2. In the initial two weeks following the incident, we can start to loosen the area with soft tissue work, in some cases expecting a return to sport within three weeks.
  3. Soft tissue work and exercises are given on case by case instances, but we will always strive to get you back to sport as soon as possible while minimising the risk of the injury recurring.

We will then create a management plan specific to you to:

  • help settle the pain;
  • address the causative factors;
  • get you back to the activities that you enjoy!

If you would like one of our Soft Tissue Therapists to help recover from a muscle strain, give us a call on 9894 2463 or book online to make an appointment.