MAKENSIE HOLLIS - Myotherapist

Why did you become a Myotherapist?  I have always been passionate about health and well-being, but I was inspired to work with musculo-skeletal pain while backpacking through Latin America.  When I returned to Australia, I moved to Melbourne and enrolled in a course at RMIT and I've never looked back! 

Makensie Hollis

What sort of patients do you most enjoy helping?  I am passionate about treating shoulder injuries, people with chronic pain and mums both pre and post natal.  I also have a special interest in Lymphatic Drainage technique.

Interesting things you have done in your career?  I have had the opportunity to work with the Australian Ballet which was amazing and have worked with some brilliant minds in Myotherapy, Feldenkrais Method, Yoga and Cross Fit. 

What do you do to keep fit?  I find lifting weights helps keep my body strong. Feldenkrais Method and Yoga help my brain to be flexible in the way it perceives movement and also keeps my body strong! I am a strong believer that a healthy mind has a huge role to play in pain and rehabilitation and have seen the impacts of this with my patients. Things that bring me joy and help my mind at the moment are salsa, laughter classes and meditation.

Greatest sporting achievement?  Despite having a varied sporting back ground, I would have to say that one of my greatest health and fitness achievements to date was hiking the Salkantay trek up to Machu Pichu. A major tick off my bucket list right there! 

If you could jump on a plane and visit one city, which would it be?  I want to go EVERYWHERE! But if I could only choose one city, it would be Salento in Colombia. I spent around 8 months in Salento whilst travelling though Latin America. A tiny town nestled at the top of mountains, it was magical where fields would come alive at night, dancing with fire flies. I met an amazing community there who I would love to go back and visit. 

Favourite thing to do outside of work? Outside of work I love discovering Melbourne and surrounds. Brunching in one of the many fabulous cafes with mates is a favourite. There are many amazing seminars and health events that I also love attending.

Where did you grow up?  I grew up in Tamworth NSW and yes, we are the Country Music capital of Australia!

What is your food weakness? Food weakness... I have many! Anything sweet, usually chocolate and/or caramel related. I also really love baked veggies!

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