In a Ball Mason pint sized wide mouth jar (440ml), layer the following ingredients ensuring that they are put in the jar in the correct order so that the salad doesn't go soggy...

Lamb Fetta Salad in a Jar

1. Brown Onion - one quarter sliced and fried

2. Cherry Tomatoes - half a punnet fried whole then squashed

3. Lamb - approx 150g diced and fried

4. Danish Fetta - approx 20g diced

5. Baby Spinach to fill the jar

Ensure that the jar is full with ingredients compressed to close the lid.  The mason jar lid will seal the freshness in and this salad should stay fresh in the fridge for several days, making it the perfect option for being prepared for a great week ahead!

NB: To eat, pour salad into a bowl so that the ingredients combine.