Headaches can be categorised as either cervical, which means neck and head muscles causing head pain, or vascular.  Generally speaking, soft tissue work is very effective for headaches in the front of the head, top of the head and side of the head, but is sometimes less effective on pain at the back of your head, which can be more vascular in nature.  Many patients have, however, experienced relief from headaches at the back of their head by loosening up surrounding muscles, indicating that even vascular headaches have a large muscular component.

Symptoms you may be experiencing:

  • dull, aching head pain
  • sensation of pressure or tightness across your forehead and/or on the sides and back of your head
  • tenderness on your scalp, neck and shoulder muscles

Initial care - things to try at home:

  • use a heat back on your neck, back of the shoulder or middle back can help relieve some of the discomfort
  • gently stretch to bring your nose towards your underarm (head going forward and to the side) - this should be pain-free

Our approach to solving your problem:

  1. Using hands-on soft tissue techniques we can loosen these muscles, reduce pain and increase mobility.
  2. The three main muscles that we focus on that are involved with headaches are the upper trapezius, SCM (sternocleidomastoid) and the sub-occipital muscle group.  By addressing the trigger points and tightness in these muscles, many headaches can be relieved.

We will then create a management plan specific to:

  1. help settle the pain;
  2. address the causative factors;
  3. get you back to the activities that you enjoy!

If you would like the help of one of our Soft Tissue Therapists to resolve your headache or migraine, give us a call on 9894 2463 or book online to make an appointment.