At NSTT, our Podiatrists take great pride in being able to provide high quality care for your feet, particularly when it comes to skin and nail care.  We love to see our podiatry patients walk out of the clinic feeling so much more comfortable than when they walked in (or limped in some cases!).

People who are elderly, have diabetes, arthritis or other chronic health conditions are especially at risk of skin and nail conditions becoming infected or problematic.  In these cases, it is very beneficial to see a Podiatrist every 6-10 weeks for regular foot care.

Most of the treatments we use are pain free, however if you do have a particularly painful lesion, we are able to use local anaesthetic to numb the area.  This will help us to treat the painful area and keep you comfortable while doing so.

To learn more about the specific skin conditions that we treat click here.  And click here for more information on specific nail conditions.