What do you love most about being part of the Client Experience team at NSTT?  I love having the opportunity to interact with fabulous people all day!  Both the staff and the patients!  I have gotten to know so many new faces and heard lots of lovely experiences.  It is so rewarding to work in an such a warm and supportive environment.  And it is a joy to see patients leave feeling so much better than when they arrived!

Interesting things you have done in your career?  I loved working in the UK in various administrative roles.  So great to meet so many people.  I also loved working with older people at Box Hill RSL!  So many interesting stories of love and loss and happiness!

What do you do to keep fit?  I attend a vigorous Pilates class!  I religiously meet up with some great women and go dancing in the dark (no lights no lycra)!  I adore bushwalking, although am a little wary of snakes in the summer months! I play soccer with my son and I spend most of my time chasing after my three children!!

Greatest sporting achievement?  I recently skied down some very tricky slopes at Falls Creek.  That was a huge achievement for a scaredy cat like me!

If you could jump on a plane and visit one city, which would it be?  Definitely Mexico City!  It is so full of contradictions.  So much music!  So much colour!  Amazing and vibrant smells and flavours.  It is terrifying and exciting and soothing and welcoming!    

Favourite thing to do outside of work?  Dance (and embarrass my children in front of everyone else – says Jasper who is watching me type this!) and listen to music.  Closely followed by cooking, reading and spending time with my family and my buddies!  Oh and camping!  And any sort of travel!

Where did you grow up?  I’ll tell you when it happens ;)  Only kidding!  I grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne – Greensborough, Lower Plenty, Ivanhoe, Richmond.  I love Melbourne! 

What is your food weakness?  All food is my weakness!  I’m a complete sucker for Thai food though.  And chocolate.  And spaghetti bolognaise.  Oh, and those mini sausages – what are they called?  Cocktail Frankfurts!  So disgusting yet so delicious!  And I can’t go past a cup cake.  Although feel free to exclude all of the above and simply put Kale, Quinoa and Cucumber.